• Name : Veronica Baird
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : Ireland
  • Talents : Music Artist,Songwriting,Musician
  • Latest Works : Always

Veronica is an Irish-born singer/songwriter who thrives on soulful, meaningful and enticing lyrics. After a break from the scene to have a baby, Veronica has just put the finishing touches to her debut album and is set to establish herself as Corks’ leading lady of alternative rock. Her album - produced by the renowned Ciaran O’Shea of Cyclefly, - is an eclectic mix of funky upbeat songs and powerful ballads. Her distinctive voice has a smouldering quality that makes you long for more.

Veronica is no stranger to live performance having played many of Cork’s top venues such as The Pavilion, Cyprus Avenue and The Crane Lane.

She continues to develop her sound and it is only a matter of time before a much wider audience hears her music. Veronica plans to release her debut album, entitled ‘I Am’, in the very near future.