• Name : K'bana Blaq
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : United States
  • Talents : Music Artist,Songwriting

Born a military brat in Athens, Greece, Kbana Blaq began singing at the age of 7 in his local church choir. Blaq fell in love with performing, and decided to put his singing career on hold to pursue dance. In high school Blaq was approached by a vocal teacher and asked to perform in a talent show where he excelled. Blaq’s mother, took an extreme interest in his singing ability, but was soon diagnosed with cancer. This forced Blaq to put his career on hold. Before her passing, Blaq promised his mother that he would share his gift with the world. Now an aspiring international RockStar, Blaq has performed at various venues across the globe, from entertaining the armed forces in Iraq, to Amsterdam for Tommy Hilfiger Jr. Singing has taken Blaq and his Virginia native band, The Fuzz Band to new heights. Allowing him to open up for various artists such as Alicia Keys, Jill Scott and Fantasia Barrino.

Blaq does not discriminate when it comes to sharing his gift. Not only does he perform, but he chooses to share his determination and drive for success with others through his self-owned fulltime development company RockStarCrazyEntertainment. Inspired by musical icons, Michael Jackson, and Prince, Blaq feels one should always believe in your dreams, as if there is something bigger than you. Using the phrase, “No Fear, No Limits”, Blaq formats his career around, healing people through his music, and making them think in a way they never knew they could. Kbana’s timeless single,” I Love Me Some Black” is an emerging YouTube phenomenon now at almost 50,000 views, even with all of Kbana Blaq’s success. He is recently due to release his highly anticipated EP "If U Gonna Stare U Might As Well Listen". This Mixtape will begin the Trilogy Saga Begins Movement. Breaking into the industry is not easy. Although Kbana Blaq’s career has been filled with much success, he is still looking for his big break.