• Gender : Male
  • Country : United States
  • Talents : Music Artist,Host/MC,Songwriting,Modeling

It’s a new generation of music. K’Bana Blaq music. Just imagine if Lady Gaga and Prince had a son, the result would probably be K’Bana Blaq. He’s fashion, he’s rock, he’s soul, he’s R&B, he’s hip hop, and he’s taking Virginia by storm. K’Bana’s not just an R&B, Hip Hop, or Rock artist…he is known in local indie circles as a phenom, with an incredible ability to comfortably blend sonically diverse genres of music. He can seamlessly take you from an edgy rock song to a beautiful ballad that will have you in tears. Most recently a winner of the 2014 Veer Magazine Music Awards in the category of Music Video, it is safe to say that when comes to K’bana Blaq, expect the unexpected.