• Gender : Female
  • Country : United States
  • Talents : Music Artist,Songwriting,Modeling
  • Latest Works : Be Only You

Sometimes you have to stand out in order to fit in. This is exactly the case when it comes to the 3 members of B.O.Y. Now based out of Atlanta Ga. They are  not a "girl group" they are a group of girls! Meaning they are still individuals while creating music together no one looses there's identity! Even though this trio is incredibly fresh, trendy, stylish and pretty; what makes them memorable is the undeniable chemistry and charisma they bring which contributes to their strong refreshing harmony. Miesha (19) Summer (18) and Gianni (19)are the members of arguably the most popular group of girls or (B.O.Ys) from the DMV now located in Atlanta, has seen in quite some time. Their distinct fashion sense has helped set them apart from the typical “IN Crowd” among their peers. When asked there take on popularity and bullying they reply with a simple "You Can Sit With Us," Promoting individuality, creativity, confidence and self-esteem. These young ladies have managed to create their own “IN Crowd” in the form of their surprisingly large and supportive fan/follower base. Currently in the studio where they write and arrange  there music themselves, they are working on their brand new single, this B.O.Y band is set to shine bright in the years to come.